Yo Gotti Albums

Live From The Kitchen

The album “Live from the Kitchen” is the fifth studio album by Yo Gotti.   This album features some of the hottest production including tracks done by the likes of:  Hot Rod, Marvelous J, Blade, Drumma Boy, Cool & Dre, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, and Jim Jones.  In case you don’t know, this album is affiliated with Cash Money – and he has been signed to the label for awhile.  There were over 100 tracks that had originally been recorded for this album, and he narrowed it down to between 15 and 20 of the best.

The reason that the album was named “Live From The Kitchen” is because that is where his journey began.  He uses the metaphor of the kitchen being like a place where you begin cooking up the plans.  Everyone knows that this album is off the chain and features songs like “5 Star Chick,” “5 Star Chick (Remix)” with Gucci Mane, Trina, and Nicki Minaj.  Additionally, there are plenty more bangers like the track “Women Lie, Men Lie” featuring Lil Wayne.

Gotti has put in a lot of hard work on this album and his work has really paid off.  He made a classic album, so make sure you pick up a copy if you don’t already have one.  He tested a lot of markets and made sure that the song selection for this one would surely impress people.  As it has turned out, this not only proved to be another street classic by the legend, but it has set the bar high.

Release Date: March 23, 2010
Record Label: Inevitable/Cash Money/Polo Grounds Music/J Records/Sony

Back 2 Da Basics

The album “Back 2 Da Basics” is cleary a dope album to have if you’re a fan of Gotti.  He’s got guest appearances from Lil Wayne, 8 Ball, Birdman, La Chat, Jazze Pha, and more.  In case you weren’t aware, this was his fourth studio album and has a lot of creative production.  Songs like “I Got Dem” which samples Weezy’s “Fireman” and other tracks like “Where I’m At” just go hard.  If you like street music, then this is not something that should be missing from your collection.

There are more high quality samples of tracks like “Far Cry” by Marvin Gaye which comes into effect on the track “Gangsta Party.”  There is also a sample of the track “Big Tymers” that you probably noticed if you know your rap history.  A lot of people slept on this album when it first came out, but if you own a copy, then you know it’s straight crack from start to finish.

Official Track Listing:

  1. That’s What’s Up (Intro)
  2. I Got Dem (feat. Lil Wayne & Birdman)
  3. Full Time
  4. Where I’m At
  5. U A Gangsta Rite?
  6. Spend It Cuz U Got It (feat. All Star Cashville Prince)
  7. Cold Game
  8. Gangsta Party (feat. Bun B & 8Ball)
  9. That’s What They Made It Foe (feat. Pooh Bear)
  10. 25 To Life
  11. That’s Not Yo Bitch
  12. Shawty Violating (Wup That Hoe) (feat. La Chat)
  13. I’m A Thug (feat. D’Nero of Tha Blockburnaz)
  14. We Gonna Be Alright
  15. A Part of Thugs (feat. Jazze Pha)
  16. Warrior
  17. Shawty (feat. D’Nero of Tha Blockburnaz)

Release Date: May 23, 2006
Record Label: Inevitable/TVT Records


Immediately after putting out his second studio album, rapper Yo Gotti stayed on his grind and began working on another album called “Life.”  In this project, he links up with fellow Memphis, TN rapper Kia Shine and other southern heavyweights like Lil Flip.  Due to the fact that this was co-released on TVT Records (which no longer exists), the king of crunk, Lil Jon made several guest appearances.  If you are a fan of rap music, then this is something that you definitely should cop if you haven’t.

Official Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. All I Ever Wanted to Do (featuring Kia Shine)
  3. Sell My Dope (featuring Kia Shine)
  4. Dirty South Soldiers (featuring Lil Jon)
  5. Reppin’ North Memphis
  6. Str8 from da North
  7. Get Down (featuring Lil’ Flip)
  8. After I Fuck Ya Bitch (Remix)
  9. Entering the Game
  10. Life
  11. 9 to 5
  12. Breakaman
  13. Shake It (featuring Rich Burn)
  14. Look at Old Girl (featuring Block Burnaz)
  15. On da Grind
  16. U Understand
  17. Mr. Tell It
  18. Dirty South Soldiers (Rap Hustlaz Remix) (featuring Lil Jon, V-Slash, Kia Shine)
  19. Pop Kone (featuring Lil Jon)

Release Date: August 19, 2003
Record Label: Trill Entertainment


The project “Self-Explanatory” was the second album that was released from Yo Gotti.  It was recorded from year 2000 to 2001 and was released fairly soon after being recorded.  It’s really nice to be able to play though this project from start to finish with nothing but trap music.  If you listen closely, you will understand that Gotti stepped his game up from his debut project and improved his rhyming.  This is a great hip hop release and one that the game desperately needed at the time.

Official Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Go Gotti Go (featuring Playa Fly)
  3. Slash (featuring Block Burnaz)
  4. Young Nigga Thuggin’
  5. Wanna Play
  6. Move
  7. Life Is a Thug
  8. Fuck Your Bitch (Remix)
  9. Toss That Bitch (featuring Bossy Lady)
  10. Street Talk (Skit)
  11. Gotti This, Gotti That” (featuring T-Stit)
  12. So What U Workin’ Out
  13. One Day U Comin’ Home
  14. World War III
  15. Broke & Disgusted
  16. Hard to Believe (featuring D’Nero & Ms. V-Dawg)
  17. Can’t Stop Me Now
  18. Sweet Mama

Release Date: May 22, 2001
Record Label: Inevitable Entertainment

From Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game

The project “From Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game” was the debut album by Yo Gotti.  It was recorded in its entirety in 1999 but was not released until 2000.  This album helped Gotti get into the game and get more exposure.  It features a ton of banging tracks and production from Zaytoven.  The beats on this go hard, and he is able to demonstrate talent by flowing hard over each and every one of these tracks.

Although the sound quality may not be quite as high as his newer releases, this is a must have if you are a dedicated fan.  There are so many good tracks ranging from songs like “Have You Heard About ‘Em?” to “Don’t Play No Games.”  If you are a fan of hard, gutter, street sounding joints, then this is something that you need to cop.

Official Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Wildin
  3. Violated
  4. Rebellious Nigga
  5. Rev. Grip
  6. Have You Heard About ‘Em?
  7. Criticize
  8. After I Fuck
  9. Snakes
  10. Mack Maine Supreme
  11. South Side West Side
  12. Don’t Play No Games
  13. Police In Thug Clothin’
  14. Just Cuz I’m a Young Nigga
  15. I Got Love
  16. Gucci Down
  17. Bet U Can’t Do What We Do

Release Date: September 26, 2000
Record Label: Inevitable Entertainment