Yo Gotti Mixtapes

Here are some dope Yo Gotti mixtapes that you should definitely have in your collection if you don’t already. Yo Gotti has been an artist that quickly took over the mixtape scene both on and offline.  Many people agree that he is the king of mixtapes and will always be.  Most fans of Gotti want to know what tapes that they should definitely have in their collection, so you can check out the lineup below to make sure that you have all of those.  There are more that aren’t included, but all of the major releases are listed to check out.

Cocaine Muzik

The Cocaine Muzik mixtape was so well received by fans that Yo Gotti turned it into an album.  The album was released through Inevitable Records, so make sure that you buy a copy and support your favorite artist.  It came out back in 2008 as a CD, and features guests like Gucci Mane, Young Cash, Birdman, Lil Boosie, Webbie, Pleasure P, Bohagon, All Star, and Juelz Santana.  Make sure that you go out and get it if you don’t have it!

Cocaine Muzik 2

The mixtape CM2 a.k.a. Cocaine Muzik 2 was the second in the series and was released by both Yo Gotti and DJ Drama.  This was actually turned into an album after it was released as a tape, so be sure to go support Gotti by purchasing a copy from a retailer.  It features songs like “Shoot Off,” “We From North Memphis,” and “Definition of a G.”  There are plenty more tracks that you will want to have, so get this project.

Cocaine Muzik 3

DJ Scream a.k.a. “Heavy In The Streets” linked up with Yo Gotti for his “Cocaine Muzik 3.”  There is really nothing better than to go back and listen to this tape.  Make sure that you take a listen and see what you think.  The DJ drops by DJ Scream are all hot and the entire tape is a hood classic.  Make sure that you get it and add it to your Gotti playlists.

Cocaine Muzik 4

Yo Gotti linked up with DJ Drama and Zedzilla to drop Cocaine Muzik 4.  The fans and streets were hungry for this and they got hooked up fat with some crazy music.  This was his most recent release and the overall response on the net and various mixtapes type sites was crazy.  If you don’t have this, you are slacking hardcore – make sure that you get a legitimate copy in your life.

I Told U So

The great thing about the “I Told U So” mixtape is that it is a perfect example of classic Yo Gotti.  It was released back in 2006 by the Aphilliates and IE Entertainment.  Everybody recognized that Gotti was in fact The Real King of Memphis and was a very hot artist when he linked up with DJ Smallz to put this on Gangsta Grillz.  You probably know that Block Burnaz, Young Buck, and Allstar are able to make guest appearances if you have this tape.  Be sure to check up on it and see what’s good.

The Pyrex King

This mixtape was presented by the Street Runnaz as a special edition and DJ Spinatik.  A lot of people like this tape just as much as the releases from the CM series.  This is one of those tapes that is a “must have” – you are really missing out on some dope material if you don’t have this one.  Lil Wayne and All-Star appear on the track “Champagne Crazy” and Gucci Mane makes an appearance on the song “Everybody Quiet.”  The rest of the songs are fire – enough said.

Cocaine Cowboy

This tape has a lot of dope tracks including songs like “Lodi Dodi” featuring Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo, and Gorilla Zoe and “Here We Go” featuring Rick Ross and Masspike Miles.  There may be some songs that you haven’t already heard, so check up on it and see what you think.  There are several freestyles like “Ain’t I” and there is even an appearance from another Memphis heavyweight 8 Ball on the joint “3 Time Felon.”

Live From The Kitchen

Trap Starz presented a mixtape called “Live From the Kitchen” and this confused a lot of people because his 2010 album release is also called “Live From The Kitchen.”  The way that you can tell which is the tape and which is the album is by both the track listing and the cover.  This cover definitely does not look like anything that a legitimate CD would have.  As far as tapes go, this is something that you’ll probably want to check out.

5 Star Chef

This tape has a lot of crazy tracks from start to finish.  There are several world premieres on this joint and there are a total of 16 tracks that are dope.  Songs like “Lion” and “Birthday Sex” are on here and this was leaked online back in May of 2009.  The artwork looks pretty dope, although there have been disputes as to whether or not this is an official tape.  The tracks are all by Yo Gotti, but it may have been a bunch of tracks compiled unofficially and thrown together for a mixtape.  Anyways, see what you think – there’s plenty of new Yo Gotti on here.