Yo Gotti – Life (Album 2003)

by Yo Gotti Fan

One of Yo Gotti’s first albums came in 2003 through the label TVT Records. A lot of people did not initially know about this project because he was not as popular on the scene back then as he is today. Despite the fact that less people knew him, he still had a lot of support in Memphis, TN – where he was from and grew up. A lot of people had been hearing about him and his buzz and decided to pick up a copy of this album. Not only were they impressed, but for most people, it quickly became one of their favorite rap albums. If you are from the state of Tennessee, then you have got to know who Gotti is because he hustles everywhere.

Yo Gotti’s Takeover Begins

Some people were completely blown away by the realness that was displayed on Life by Yo Gotti. Before hearing this for the first time, many people were expecting just another rapper from the dirty south trying to make it big. Not only did rapper Yo Gotti prove that he was not just “another rapper,” but he proved that he had skill to be considered one of the best in the entire state. He had a lot of versatile sounds on there and brought some fresh vocals to the local hip hop scene. He was able to clearly make a mark that distinguished himself from the other artists that were trying to do the same thing he was at the time.

Distinct Memphis Sound, Great Production

The stuff that he talks about and rhymes about on the Life album are completely honest and that is part of the reason that people appreciate this piece of work so much. He brings a little bit of old school taste as well as some new sounds that you would not expect. If you listened to the introduction track on this project, then you would realize that there are DJ scratches and it sounds phenomenal. This entire album has that good old Memphis sound that the game needed at the time when it was released. It had elements of jazz, swing, and some other great samples; each track was produced by someone entirely different to keep the fans on their toes.

Yo Gotti Keeps It Real

The best part about Yo Gottis Life is that he always tries to keep it real with the listener. There are some very catch tracks on this release and it is definitely one that you should add to your collection if you haven’t already. A lot of people probably have not heard a raw, yet melodic rapper on an album until this came out. There is no reason that any fan of the hip hop culture should pass up the opportunity to give this a full play through; it is unbelievable.